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Mesa Media

Mesa Media was created with the intention to just take pictures of friends and abandoned houses. I started an Instagram and Facebook for my pictures and eventually started to get requests for me to do weddings, baby showers, graduations and group photos. 

The name originated back when I was a kid. I would always point at myself and say "me Sam" but because I was so young I would only get out "mesa" so my parents gave me the nickname mesa and it just stuck with me.


Bangerthrifts started as a hobby of going thriftng but it soon turned into a very profitable business for both me and my sister. We gained 500+ followers in about six months. With many pieces of clothing sold, we expanded past our local target audience to people across the United States. We have sold in Arkansas, North Carolina and California.

We worked with other reselling Instagram accounts and built long lasting friendships with by creating giveaways and collaborations. By having these relationships with other creators, we were able to create amazing engagement with others everywhere! 

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