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Cozy Living Room


For my SMAD 252 class, we were asked to do a social media campaign for Article. We made blogs Instagram posts, and tweets for this campaign. We wanted to focus our campaign on the quality and showcasing Article's expertise on furniture itself. Our target was recent college graduates starting to move into adulthood.

Group members: Samantha Aldridge, Madisen Hughes, Ken Kensky, Rachel Nohe

Article Tweet 1.png
Article Tweet 3.png


By: Samantha Aldridge

When considering the tweet creations for this campaign, we wanted to showcase the quality and brand essence of Article. By tugging at our target’s emotions around their pets, getting ready for the holiday season and personalizing their living space, these tweets will generate their interactions on each post. This is a reference to the movie The Devil Wears Prada, where Meryl Streep goes on a tangent about Anne Hathaway’s shirt being cerulean instead of blue as Anne says in the film.

For the second tweet, we had a testimony from a buyer in Atlanta named Sarah who says her dog is allowed on the couch. This shows the quality of the white couch and how much confidence Sarah has in the products provided by Article. It also shows the emotional connection between owners and their pets and the universal truth that some families do not allow dogs on the couch.

Blog Posts

For our blog posts we thought about what our target audience would be considering regarding furniture and decor for their living spaces. We want them to view Article as a way to experience adulting in a positive way, and our aim with our posts was to help them achieve this.

Our first post is about hacks to make your space feel larger. Many people in our target group are living in small apartments, so this post is likely relevant to their life experiences. Our second post is about how to style bookshelves. Article has a nice line of bookshelves, and the idea is to help our audience create stylish displays with their favorite items on their shelves.



Instagram Posts

By: Madisen Hughes


When posting on Instagram, we wanted our audience to know that shopping at Article is the fun and easy way to find quality furniture. We recognized that a majority of our consumers are facing a large transition in their life and we want to support them by giving them our expertise. This is why we decided to make a “How To” post about accent chairs and how to make them look sophisticated. Our second post is a call-to-action for consumers to use Article to reinvent their space. We want our consumers to have a cozy space to call home, especially when transitioning and starting their adult life. Our captions are casual and inviting, giving the appearance that our posts are similar to the posts of friends and family they would see on their Instagram feeds. 

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