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Rise Campaign

Their Mission

"RISE will be a vehicle for giving voice to the voiceless, strength to the weak and support for the lost within the Black community. RISE will give hope back to the Black community."

Our Goal

We wanted to target a range of people for RISE. Specifically, to target donors within the Waynesboro community and across the state of Virginia. Rise mentioned the importance of donations to help build more shelving within their facility. Donors funds will benefit not only for  future shelving, but also with allocating funds in different areas like the advocacy program for black youth.

The Team

Samantha Aldridge, Sid Arks and John Breeden

Rise Brochure Mockup2.png
Rise DrawString.jpg
Rise Brochure Mockup.png
Rise Flyer Mockup.png
RISE Infographic.jpg
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