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Social Media Specialist,

Film lover,



harry styles,


star wars.

The most important thing in life for me is being happy. I want to travel and be creative above everything else. I strive to be doing things that I love and can call it work. It's important to feel a burning passion everyday when you walk in the office or in the living room if I'm remote.

Whether it's exploring abandoned houses or spending too much time on social sites, I get inspiration from various places. I am sentimental about the little things in life. I am passionate and my work will always reflect that. I love creating whether that's for a business, friend, or if I just get the random urge to film something.

My mom always used to tell me when I was younger if you put your mind to it you can do anything. I believe that. Anyone can be whoever and whatever they want. You can do anything with hard work.

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