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Jack and Jack: First Ever Concert Photography Experience

As an avid fan for over 10 years of this duo, getting the chance to do concert photography for them was a dream come true. I started out by tweeting Jack and Jack asking if it was possible to get a press pass and eventually got in contact with someone from their management team who said they could get me one! Their management team is incredible and extremely friendly especially with this kind of request.

Press Pass and VIP Lanyard

When I was waiting in line before checking in, I was worried I would have to give my camera back to my boyfriend because I thought I wouldn't be approved for the pass. Thankfully I got it when I checked in for VIP as we were all walking in. When I checked in and got situated behind barricade, I took some practice shots and got my camera ready to take more for the rest of the night. I also scanned the venue to make sure I had enough space to take shots at higher elevations in case I got stuck in the back after meet and greet. The bags I packed were a camera back pack with black clothes just in case I needed to change, 3 portable charges for my phone and a fanny pack for my wallet. I wore Converse shoes and would not recommend for future shows because my feet and legs hurt so bad the whole night. I also made sure to bring hair ties and chapstick just in case it got super hot, which it did.

Jack and Jack Meet and Greet Photo

Before I met them, I talked with one of their managers about what got them into the industry and she said NSYNC. I was surprised forgetting that some people do this because they are fan girls too. She said she loved working with Jack and Jack because they genuinely care about their fans unlike other artists she's worked with. When I met them, I talked to Jack Johnson about a challenge I did back in 2018 where I rapped their cover to rich girl/ on one. The challenge was that if I could rap it, he would give me $200. I did it and posted it on

Twitter/X and it had been 6 years since I did it. Of course I told him he still owed me as a joke. I didn't actually expect him to give me the money and I even said I really don't actually want your money I just find the whole thing funny. He said oh no I got you after the show come see me! They both headed on stage to do soundcheck where the crowd asked questions while they performed covers and songs that were not on the main setlist.

After the meet and greet and soundcheck, we all got back in line outside. They separated General Admission and VIP into two lines. I took a picture of how the lines looked outside of the venue because I think it's really cool to look back on it. When Jack and Jack started we were young teens. Now, we are young adults still supporting the OGOC boys from Omaha.

Downtown Richmond Outside of The Canal Club

When the concert started Deejay Rupp came up first to play Thotiana and A Thousand Miles mashup along with many others, but that those two really stuck out to me because what... Sammy Wilk performed Aye Ma, Could Be and some of his newer tracks. Then, Sk8 came out to perform Wassup with him. Their passion and energy really feed off of those two.

Sammy Wilk
Sammy Wilk and Nate Maloley (Sk8)

After this set, Jack and Jack came on! At this point the strap from my camera was weighing my neck down a ton. My legs and feet hurt but the crowd and energy drowned it out. The Jacks opened up singing Thought I Was Dead and followed up with music from their newest album Home along with multiple tracks from earlier albums like Gone and A Good Friend is Nice. It was nice to see and hear so many fans appreciate their newest projects, but the crowd started to get louder when they played their older music. They mashed up older tracks together like Flights, Paradise, Cold Hearted and Wild Life. One song stood out to the crowd over all of the others. When they began to play the tune of Like That the crowd went crazy. This was the big ending we were all waiting for. They finally performed the most iconic song of the OGOC (Original Omaha Crew) as a full group here in downtown Richmond, VA. An unforgettable performance with an outstanding crowd ended the show.

Jack Johnson, Jack Gilinsky and Sammy Wilk

After the show, people stayed behind to take pictures at barricade and to buy merchandise. I went straight to find my friend from high school who loved the Jack's just as much as I do. I spotted her in the crowd about midway through the show. We locked eyes and just screamed haha. It was around 10:50 when we left the venue and went around back to wait for the boys to come out. We watched Sk8, Sammy and Deejay Rupp hang out with fans

while we all waited. Not long after being outside, I got a DM (direct message) from Jack Johnson asking me for my Venmo. He ended up sending me the $200! I audibly gasped and told my friend standing beside me. We were both stunned.

Jack Johnson eventually came out and we took a picture together before my boyfriend came to pick me up. After that night, Jack liked and shared my photos on Instagram the and made sure to tag me in them. It was surreal. He shouted me out on multiple occasions on various platforms and I am beyond grateful. He made me feel so special and appreciated.

Jack Johnson and Slimsadia

I spent the majority of my teenage years supporting these boys while going through intensive surgeries. Being in and out of the hospital sucked for little ole me but learning how to edit videos of them was my escape. Their passion for music helped me through some of the darkest moments of my life. I used to get made fun of for editing fun videos of them, but it brought me so much joy. The community created by Jack and Jack has helped me make lifetime friends that are full of love and support. My passion for marketing, videography and photography started because of them. What started out as a little hobby turned into me going to school for advertising and specializing in digital marketing. After having the most amazing concert experience, I had to think back on all the years that I spent creating and thought to myself it is all worth it because of the everlasting joy it gave me.

Thank you for all of the wonderful memories Jack Johnson and Jack Gilinsky <3

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